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Concentrated blends for immunity, energy, stress/anxiety & sleep.


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Bee Rested & Bee Calm contain ingredients shown to help anxiety, stress & sleep


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Formulated by nutritionists using the highest quality ingredients.

  • Created By Nutritionists

    Our supplements have been researched and formulated by nutritionists and combine therapeutic amounts of highest quality vegetarian nutrients which have studies behind their use to help support immunity, energy and focus, anxiety/ stress and sleep. Made in the UK in a top GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) facility.

  • Award Winning

    Unbeelievable Health’s supplements have won 25 industry and consumer awards and also have outstanding reviews. They are free of allergens, fillers and excipients and blend beneficial nutrients which are not usually found in a regular diet or multivitamin- making them an ideal way to optimise any health regime.

  • Natural & Unique

    Unbeelievable Health is one of the only brands marrying the amazing substances bees produce (propolis, bee pollen & royal jelly) with synergistic plant, food and botanical sourced ingredients (many of which bees pollinate!) - a combination of nature’s finest nutrients from hives, fields and forests.

  • Convenient all-in-one Formulas

    Each targeted supplement blends a plethora of beneficial nutrients and each supplement contains different ingredients so they complement each other and may be taken together. The concentrated capsule contents may be opened into juices and food if desired or if one doesn’t like swallowing pills.

  • Bee Rested

    Perfect for: Helping switch off at night, restlessness, waking up in the night.


  • Bee Energised

    Perfect for: Fatigue, brain fog & when run down, studying, heavy work schedules, jet lag & travel, fitness & sports training.


  • Bee Prepared

    Perfect for: When feeling under the weather or run down, during allergy season (several of the ingredients have natural anti-histamine properties & also aid histamine response), before and during travel, year round immune system support. 


  • Bee Prepared - Max Strength

    Perfect for: When feeling under the weather or run down, during allergy season (several of the ingredients have natural anti-histamine properties & also aid histamine response), before and during travel, year round immune system support.  


  • Bee Calm

    Perfect for: Stress & tension, anxiety & agitation, low mood.


Feedback from Nutritionists

Trusted by industry specialists

I swear by Bee prepared immune formula for supporting our immunity. It was first recommended to me by a fellow nutritionist, and I have recommended it to countless family members, friends, colleagues and clients since. Visit Kim's website.

I have been using Unbeelievable Health Supplements for years myself and to support my family’s health. So many of my clients have had wonderful health improvements from their plant-based ingredients which are of an excellent quality - free from fillers, excipients and allergens which is extremely important to me as a practitioner. Visit Sara's website.

Unbeelievable Health have a fantastic range of targeted supplements. They are unique blends using additional evidenced-based botanicals in therapeutic amounts. Visit Lucinda's website.

Along with improving diet and lifestyle, I recommend Unbeelievable supplements as they combine beneficial nutrients not usually found in a regular diet. They really help optimise health. Visit Angelique's website.

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Happy Customers!

Over 200+ 5 Star Reviews on Amazon

Bee Prepared

Brought these for a friend as his hayfever was becoming rather debiltating. A mixture of these and some pollen tablets did more than just help seemed to get rid of his hayfever all together and didn't have any more symptoms for the rest of this season. We will be repurchasing this next year for sure!

Bee Rested

Absolute excellent alternative to kalms tablets. They are more gentle on the stomach, seem to have a faster effect and make you feel more calm, relaxed and able to crack on with your day.

Absolutely perfect for anxiety or long periods of stress.

Bee Calm

This is a great combination of ingredients which if bought separately would cost lots more, but you get good amounts of each in these capsules (lemon balm, passion flower, rhodiola plus other things like royal jelly, magnesium etc). Somehow they just seem to take the edge off. I see a difference right away.

Bee Prepared

When I feel a lurgie or sniffles coming on I start taking these RIGHT away and it usually knocks it on it's head. I always have a box handy and especially when I am travelling because for some reason aeroplanes always make me sick. Not bad for hangovers either I must say!

Bee Energised

I love Unbeelievable and have used their other products during winter and largest didn’t get one cold. This month, before my wedding I was flagging and exhausted. I bought these and I absolutely noticed a difference. I felt more energised, I felt more prepared for the day, I felt revitalised and it’s this product that made that happen. I would definitely recommend them 100%. Really great product!

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